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The Games Survey
This is a multi-media survey that is designed to engage the user. Most of the time people don't like filling out surveys, but many of the respondents told us that they enjoyed spending up to an hour filling out this one. You can also read the case study of this survey.

The Aggression Questionnaire
This questionnaire measures four different factors of aggression and gives the respondent a short report. This kind of questionnaire is popular in academic research and can be easily delivered over the internet.

Philosophical Health Check
This is a thirty question quiz that helps to identify any tensions between the beliefs you hold. Thanks to Jeremy Stangroom of The Philosophers' Magazine for allowing us to republish this (Link opens in a full-screen window)

Self-Scoring Faceism Quiz
This quiz is based on some of the research discussed in the book, Reading Faces, by Leslie A. Zebrowitz. (Link opens in a full-screen window)

Faceism Quiz - Greek
This is a Greek translation of the faceism quiz. It demonstrates the use of an embedded character set to display Greek characters. Machine translation it is, if actually Greek you read, you maybe will locate it very strange. (Link opens in a full-screen window)

SCORM Sample Assessment
This is the same faceism assessment as above, but it is provided here as a downloadable SCORM 1.2 package. You can download this and import it into your SCORM compliant Learning Management System or Virtual Learning Environment.

Accessibility Walkthrough and Assessment
This assessment walks you through the accessibility features present in every Central Question assessment. (Link opens in a full-screen window)

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